Cricketer Ravinder Singh Nandal – Everything Just for a Sorry

Cricketer Ravinder Singh Nandal – Everything Just for a Sorry

Plethora of small reasons is not what makes a difference. But a strong reason can help you make a lot of difference in one’s life. The strong reason is what drives Ravinder Singh Nandal’s passion and make him do everything with a hope of winning over that One Reason.

And it is only around this reason that his life revolves and be it any question or situation, he ends up saying, “It is All About One Sorry.”

Now inquisitive readers would wonder why he wants to be pardonable.

So telling my readers upfront, it is a mysterious story of Ravinder Singh Nandal and this mystery would be unravelled only once this person achieves his little desire of asking for forgiveness when he will play 1st International Match for India. It is only then where the reason for sorry would get the revelation.

Apparently, it seems a cliff-hanger but I strongly feel that it is always a matter of fun to know about such a person. Rest once you come to know the minute details about his life except that reason for his sorry, I’m pretty much in the certitude that you would wait for the next article to be published.

So let’s get the insight of the enthused life of this cricketer.

Talking about his present life, Ravinder Nandal plays for DDCA (Delhi and District Cricket Association) as an All-Rounder (Right handed Batsman and Off-Spin) and he was also in the top 30 Squad of RCB (Royal Challenger Bangalore) last year.

I emphatically felt overwhelmed knowing about this person.

I hope you like reading about the details we tried to get into through an interview.

So getting started with what his life is about.

It’s Just About One Sorry.

says Ravinder Singh Nandal

So true it is that you don’t need a lot of reasons to overpower your goal, but just one reason that can make you do everything or anything to attain that goal. There can be a lot of reasons for not doing one thing but only one reason to do everything for that one thing. And believe it or not, when asked about the driving force of Ravinder Singh’s passion, all he said was one thing.

It is just for one sorry.

Rarity lies in the existence of such people who remain enthused and constantly work harder and harder simply for the attainment of one goal.

Cricket was Never Ravinder’s First Career Option

Ravinder Singh Nandal DDCA cricket player

Talking about the discourse with Ravinder Singh, he said that he was not interested in cricket from the beginning.

He used to play basketball before getting into the domain of cricketing. He even played nationals with basketball and started playing cricket in the 11th grade of his school. He was an average student from the beginning but was definitely interested in sports from the beginning. He worked with a network marketing company during his college life but ceased giving time to cricket. After this, he started with his own company but captured by ego and vanity, he left the company out of impulsiveness.

After working for his company, he spent 3 months of his life in a condition which could have better and during this time period he worked in a company in Gurgaon.

“I remained quiet and didn’t talk to anyone as such. This time period of my life was not as good as it could be.”

In the meantime, he met one of his friends who made him realise the actuality of his desires and asked him to start with Cricket all over again.

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Fluctuation Remained a Part of Ravinder Singh’s Life

He kept fluctuating and remain unstable in things and behind all this there is just one reason “Just for Sorry.”

Though the fluctuations are not really linked with one another according to any person who listens to his story but everything that he has undergone through in connected with just one thing and that is, ”to ask for sorry “

Final Destination of Ravinder Singh Nandal

Guess what! Cricket is not his final destination.

The final destination of his career lies with cricketing but talking about the goal of his life, he says,

“The utmost goal of my life revolves around that one sorry “

Ravinder Singh Nandal Day Schedule

No matter whatever time he sleeps, he makes sure that he wakes up at 4:30 am in morning.

“I wake up at 4:30 am and then from 4:30 am to 9:30 am, I play cricket. After that, I get ready and go to the office of DDCA but I make sure that I practice cricket from 3 pm to 7:30 pm. And as I am a party lover, I plan for parties after the long tiring day with hard-work. Then I sleep by 12 am-12:30 am and start my next day at 4:30 am again “, he says

Ravinder’s Goal Keeps him Awake

On being asked about the less number of hours of sleep, he says

“It varies from a person to person. God has not asked us to sleep for the particular duration. The mindset of goals and passion is what keeps you awake.”

Sorry is all that he keeps him charged up and motivated.

To sum up, intensity to attain his final destination is so high that even sleep is superseded in front of it.

Little Desires of his Life

In next 2 years of his life, he sees himself in Indian Squad. He dreams of becoming the captain of Indian cricket team.

“Name and Fame is one of my desires and I personally feel that I would get it through the captainship of Indian Cricket Team”

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About his Competitors and Favourites

Ravinder Singh Nandal is Sachin Tendulkar’s fan  and he has learnt a lot from him .

“He remains quiet before any  match and he has taught me that no matter who you are but the moment you are in the field ,consider people above your understanding .”, says Ravinder Singh Nandal

We surely don’t count on anyone as a  competitor because when we say that a particular person is a competition, it means that he has a lot of qualities that we may lack  and we even tend to have those qualities in us.

And that’s how this self-motivated person respects Virat Kohli but at the same time even considers him a competition. He treats Virat Kohli with admiration and wishes to learn his way of motivation.

“He is excited, motivated and enough passionate. No matter at which ball he loses his wicket, he is always motivated and plays with a good attitude.”, he says

His favourite players are

  • Best bowler- Dale Steyn
  • Best Batsman- Ab De Villiers
  • Best all-Rounder- Ravinder Jadeja

One person who is everything in the domain of cricketing- M.S. Dhoni.

“He teaches a lot about life and is peaceful and down to earth by nature. Moreover, he is a good human being “, says Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh’s Definition of Cricket

We all have our own understanding and value of the career we opt for ourselves and so does this passionate person Ravinder Singh Nandal has:

“Beyond game, I feel that Cricket teaches us discipline and also teaches us how to respect others.”, says Ravinder.

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Resistance to Temptation

We all know how captivating a cricketer can be for girls and we all know that it is not as easy as pie to resist such a temptation, especially when it is readily available for you and you are single too. But this person is extremely strange in this context. The utmost reason for the same is his craving for the attainment of that “sorry”.

“I am hardly affected by all this.” He says.

At the end, he thanked all the people who supported him in his tough time. He thanked his Mom & Dad, his 2 little sisters Sonam and Asha, his relatives, his coaches Amanjeet Singh & Pitamber Panth, Sidharth and Anish Bhayia (Brother) and his friend Harsh, Sohail, Bhupender and Shagun.

And he finishes the interview with the same sorry with which he started and said, “I really want to thank that one person because with whatever I am today it’s all because of that person”

Aastha Wasson

Aastha Wasson

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