7 Things Made Shahnaz Husain Successful even after Marriage at 16

7 Things Made Shahnaz Husain Successful even after Marriage at 16

Born and brought up in a Royal Muslim family before India’s independence Shahnaz Husain got married at a tender age of 16. Adding to the traditional and familial cuffs, she gave birth to a daughter within the same year. Needless to say, her life was in monotony surrounded by household chores. But that is exactly what pushed Shahnaz Husain to become successful and to exceed those boundaries and throw herself out in the world of entrepreneurs and realise her dreams. Who knew this 16 year old mother would become such a huge success in the world of beauty and makeup one day and would own 400 clinics spread over 138 countries. Today Shahnaz Husain is the CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. She sell her products online also from her online portal shastore.com.

Shahnaz is a living legend and a far famed Indian entrepreneur, reputed for her skin care products and cosmetics. Honored by Padma Sri in 2006, in 1966 she earned her name “Word’s greatest women entrepreneur award” by Success Magazine, and a civilian award by Government of India.  She has redefined beauty and revolutionized the entire way of cosmetic care. She is acknowledged as the pioneer of Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Products all over the world. She brought out the therapeutic value of herbs from the mists of antiquity and legend, thus heralding the era of Ayurvedic beauty care. Indeed, there is no doubt that herbal beauty care throughout India is fashioned after the products and innovations of Shahnaz Husain. The only brand which produces cosmetics with no animal testing and almost all her products have been a great success. So, in a way it is really appreciable.

Known for product innovation, Shahnaz Husain has developed almost 375 formulations for general beauty care, treatment of skin and scalp issues, wellbeing and fitness. Shahnaz augmented her base in the U.K by propelling the sale of her products at an eminent emporium named Lloyds Pharmacy, at Selfridges. As of late, Shahnaz Husain products surpassed the sale records at Selfridges where a solitary client purchased items worth $4,334 in a single purchase. In the month of September 2012, she accomplished the one of a kind qualification of being regarded with “three” prestigious international awards in London, in one month. Mentioned underneath are a couple comments about what made Shahnaz an International achievement.

1. Shahnaz Husain Was Never Let Down by Lack of Resources

It was during her husband’s posting in Iran she realized her keen interest in beauty and cosmetology. She pursued it with great passion and for remarkably long ten years in the international leading institutes moving from London to Paris to Copenhagen.  She set up her own herbal clinic in the small veranda of her home with the frugal investment of thirty five thousand rupees borrowed from her father. He told her that she would always have his back until she starts to live an independent life. Every success needs strength, be it anything, we just need to find it.

2. Shahnaz Husain Has No Second to Her

Exclusivity is what sells in the market and Innovation leads to growth. I sell India’s 3000-year old civilisation in a jar,” says Shahnaz. In an interview with a leading news channel, she shared her international struggle story. According her experience, it is not easy selling cosmetics in the west, it is very tough. But she has survived in a very ferocious, volatile and exclusive environment where it is not possible to sustain unless one is the master of his art. People buy a lot of Dior or Laudre, and if that’s not available they switch to other international brands. But if ‘Shahnaz’ is not available they come back and buy it again.

3. Failure Lead to Shahnaz’s Success

Successful people aren’t affected by low points. They are the ones who create the trends and make things happen. When Shahnaz was told that one of her products was not used by Mrs Indira Gandhi while other products of her brand were, she did not let that become a hurdle. Instead, she made it better and today that same moisturiser is one of the bestsellers of her brand. If you really want success then never give up. Do not take failure as an established fact. You should be able to have the learning potential in you at every stage of life. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to fail at them.

4. Shahnaz Husain Always Had Faith in Her Abilities

When she started, the only impetus Shahnaz had was her hard work and passion. She had no bullet proof plan, only dreams to do something worthwhile. In her biography she says “Let not my life be a series of days and nights, of hopes and sighs; so that when I die, I will close my eyes and say it was all worthwhile”. We need honest knowledge and confidence that we can be a harbinger of change only then can we take steps forward. As Shahnaz said Somehow, I was convinced that if I was highly qualified in my field, I could have the world at my feet.”   As we have read it number of times, it is not what you want in life, what really matters is how badly you want it. If you are true to your goal, nothing can stop you otherwise every small hurdle can appear as a stopper.

5. Shahnaz Always Did More than What Was Asked Of Her

The secret to success is that we should view our work as just the beginning of what we can do with our capabilities. After completing the mandatory tasks, one should ask himself or herself to take on more challenges. When Shahnaz got an opening as Beauty Editor of Iran Tribune, she was asked to give them 500 words a week. She gave them 10,000 words a week! Finally, there was one issue which had six articles written by her! It is extremely necessary to be focussed and have single mindedness in achieving your goals. You should be ready to give better than your best.

6. Shahnaz Husain has Remarkable Vision

Among the reasons for her unprecedented success is her remarkable vision, which recognized the immense potential and relevance of Ayurveda. She became the pioneer of herbal care and cure through her intense study of Ayurveda. Her success in the international entrepreneur cosmos is indeed remarkable. Her competitors were the top firms of the world who spent a huge share of their profit in advertisements, whilst her word of mouth was enough as her quality and results were enough to earn appreciation.

Who said women need a man to validate their existence, when we have a perfect example of the lady who was a lone fighter in the man dominant world of entrepreneurship.

Fences can never be bounding for those who know how to break the hooks. This doesn’t require a super strong financial background, but simply a vision that is sharpened just right to carve an effigy of what you believe in. A confidence in your own self, and even the abilities you own to yourself.

There was nothing that could constraint her from growing be it financial boundaries or social. Equipped just with complete confidence in her own capacities and an invulnerable faith in Ayurveda, she permitted her items to represent themselves.

7. Shahnaz Husain Tenacity

Starting a business is an ultra-marathon. You have to be able to live with uncertainty and push through a crucible of obstacles for years on end. It is important to have in oneself the perseverance, persistence or to say, the determination to stick to the business. In other words you need to take it as a commitment to yourself. Shahnaz Husain gave ten long years to her training. Hadn’t she been honest even in days of darkness she wouldn’t have become an international brand.

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