5 Personality traits of Mark Zuckerberg

5 Personality traits of Mark Zuckerberg

It is a Russian Proverb that the tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the scythe. To put in simple words, the foundation and building block of any successful person is “ambition”. Mark Zuckerberg wore his ambition on his sleeve and kept moving to achieve his ambition.  Zuckerberg is said to have conscientiousness and openness to experience. He is always well acquainted of what is physically and mentally going on around him. He is often drawn to new ventures and experiences. His creation of Facebook demonstrates his level of creativity. This amount of creativity it takes to come up with ideas to generate a social networking website of this magnitude is a very considerable amount. Every successful person has certain personality traits. Let us focus on the personality traits of Mark Zuckerberg:

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1.  Motivated

The very first personality trait of Mark Zuckerberg is that he remains motivated. Beyond his explicit agenda to connect the world, Zuckerberg is motivated by the same thing that motivates others in similar positions: social significance, recognition and appreciation. He has a strong passion to change the world on one hand, and become as important respected as possible on the other hand. His dominant approach to governing others leans towards a task oriented leadership style. For Zuckerberg, it is just not about getting the job done but also about being innovative and building and improving new products. One member Ben Parr , started a group called “Students against Facebook news feed,” and its membership swelled to 750,000 users within a week .Instead of digging his heels in ,Zuckerberg sent Parr an email asking for his advice on what Facebook could do better when introducing new products. Zuckerberg believes in task management in order to guide his employees to see a common value perfecting it. It is appropriate to say that Mark Zuckerberg primarily exercises inspirational motivation to create a need for achievement

2. Daring

The trait that defines Mark Zuckerberg’s personality is his audacity. Zuckerberg possesses intelligence as his brain operates on a very high level which is evident throughout his life from creating Synapse to attending Harvard to starting to attending Harvard to starting a multibillion dollar company .Along with intelligence, Mark Zuckerberg showed a great amount of competence in his ability to take Facebook from a dorm room to where it is today. The audacity he showed in dropping out his school and taking a big risk in order to pursue his dream is commendable.

3. Generous

Like every successful entrepreneur, generosity is the Mark Zuckerberg’s personality trait. Zuckerberg believes in equality, world peace and happiness .He is an important part of an initiative, started by Bill Gates that also involves billionaire Warren Buffet, to donate half of his wealth to people who need it more than he does. He donated $100 million dollars to Network Public School System. This notion shows how he believes in equality. The promotion of “world peace” initiative taken by Bill Gates as apparent with the help of some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world couldn’t hurt as far as resolving conflict .Happiness is the goal of Facebook and this is perceptible with Zuckerberg wanted to satisfy people and make their lives easier .He has the unique position to have a profound impact on the world through his value system.

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4. Determined

Determination defines Mark’s personality.

President Calvin Coolidge says, “Nothing in the world can take place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; adding colleges; attacking MySpace; defending against the subsequent lawsuit from the twins; repeated encroaching into people’s privacy”.

Determination, drive, tenacity or perseverance is the most important variable, demonstrated by Mark Zuckerberg through his relentless coding early on to launch Facebook to catch the Winklevoss brothers off guard; adding  colleagues; attacking MySpace; defending against  the subsequent lawsuit from the twins; repeated into people’s privacy.

When you look back to Facebook’s functionality when it was launched, you will come to know that it was bare bones. Gradually with his talent and skills he added features while scaling users, literally changing jet engines at 30,000 feet without missing a beat. Facebook was even criticised for the missteps like Beacon or the privacy dossier but even appreciated for the velocity at which Facebook has evolved and grown.

Along with determination, he managed the clock all along: slowing down the Winklesvoss brothers; launching Facebook on Harvard first to then expand to other colleges; relocating to California; refusing Viacom and Yahoo’s offers; closing his deal with Microsoft

5. Grounded

There is no doubt to say that sudden wealth puts people out of touch with what really matters. But it is not the same with the successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz etc .They tend to stay down to earth even when their bank accounts go sky-high. Though they are the benefactors of wealth, yet they are much better at keeping their perspectives. Zuckerberg bought his first home last year for just $7million dollars.

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  • As I read more about this amazing individual and his life, I have become more and more interested. At one point in my life, I heard all about this Mark Zuckerberg guy, I thought to myself, “just another rich man making more money, oh well great for him” He is super freaking amazing. He is smart, great, extremely good looking and has a super gorgeous wife and baby. Not only that, this man is so wonderful, he even works in a glass wall office so his employees can see him working every day. Mark Zuckerburg is super. If I were still working and not disabled I would try my best to find him and try to get a job in his awesome company. I have fallen in love with this family we call Facebook. I already love the Facebook family but even more now that I know more about the man behind the name Facebook. This is an excellent story about the “Man in the Mirror of Facebook”


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